Old Hickory Buildings

Old Hickory Buildings

Welcome to our Old Hickory Buildings section! Here you will find pictures of all the buildings that we have on our lot! Keep checking back as we update whenever a building is sold & when we get new buildings on the lot! If you have any questions about the buildings, feel free to call us at 641-435-8228, or stop in during regular business hours: M-F: 8-5, Th: 8-7, Sat: 8-12. If you would like to design your own building, head to Old Hickory's Build Tool at www.oldhickorybuildings.com/products/!

10x20 Utility Shed with 8" Walls W11164

10x12 Side Lofted Barn W11527

10 X 12 Utility Shed W12901

10 X 16 Utility Shed with 8' Walls W12848

10x20 Utility Shed with 8 foot walls & Dormer Package! W5642

10x16 Lofted Barn W10005

10X16 Lofted Barn W13045

10x16 Lofted Barn W9148

8 X 12 Economy Utility W11553

10 X 16 Metal Lofted W12329

10 X 12 Lofted Barn W12569

10 X 20 Side Lofted Barn W11181

12x20 Lofted Barn Garage Package W12827

8x12 Lofted Barn W12841

8X12 Economy Utility Shed

10x20 Lofted Barn W12862